Rush Foundation


Mission Statement

      The Rush Foundation, Inc. (“Foundation”) is a South Dakota 501 (c)(3) exempt public charity established in 2008, associated with Rapid City Professional Hockey, LLC. d/b/a Rapid City Rush and designed to provide a grassroots foundation for a wide variety of charitable endeavors in the Black Hills and surrounding communities. The Foundation is dedicated to the social, educational, health and cultural needs of the community; the Foundation represents and will assist those who are underprivileged or have very special needs for assistance.


Board Members

Jodi Anderson, President
Barry Peterson, Vice President
Dawn Claymore, Treasurer
Greg Erlandson, Secretary
Scott Mueller
Chris Dolney
Rick Rylance
Gary Welsh, MD
Christopher Dietrich, MD


e-mail: Jodi Anderson

To request a charitable donation, fill out this form: Application for Charitable Donation